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The 25 Very Best Gifts For Dad, Picked By A Picky Dad (2024)

Your dad probably isn’t going to complain about any gift you give him. For better or worse, most modern dads don’t get hung up on presents. You know the meme of the older, bearded gentleman with a goofy smile opening a shirt just like the one he has on? There’s a lot of truth to that meme. However, I am not only a dad and a gear reviewer but also someone with a specific philosophy about what makes a good gift for middle-aged men like me.

You’ll notice some threads running through this manifesto guide: The best gifts for a dad are things that not only are relevant to his interests but also can be fairly described as “overkill.” Dads tend to like things that are overbuilt but useful. I’m sure some dads want to be “pampered,” but this is not me or the dads I know, who all physically cringed reading this sentence.

If you take away one idea, I hope it’s that when it comes to a gift for a dad, you can rarely go wrong by giving an expensive but excellent version of a thing we use anyway. We especially like things that win the admiration of our peers—nothing makes a dad happier than having another dad-aged dude take note of his stupidly expensive tire pressure gauge and then saying, “Oh, yeah, my kid got me that—they’re a little pricey but I gotta say, always works great.”

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Updated June 2024: We’ve added one last batch of last-minute Father’s Day gift ideas including a ball cap, a shirt, pants, and a nice, rusty firepit.

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